How To Encourage Your Child To Learn Seerah

 How To Encourage Your Child To Learn Seerah

Muslims believe that our beloved Prophet Hazrat  Muhammed (SAW) is the perfect of all humans in this world until eternity. He had the finest of manners and character and was beautiful on the inside and outside. Allah SWT himself confirms this in Quran:

“You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah the best example for anyone whose hope is in Allah in the Final Day, and who engages much in praise of Allah.” (Quran 33: 21)

We cannot fully follow the teachings of Islam and build our connection with Allah until and unless we know the life of His Last Messenger. He is the highest example of integrity in teaching moral values to our kids. But how can we establish a strong relationship between our children and the Seerah? Let us explore it in this article.


Children love stories. Through stories, we can give them great lessons about Seerah. Thus it would be best if you make it a daily habit to tell your young children stories about the Prophet PBUH. 

Knowing about the Prophet’s life and what made him great is the first step to loving and learning from his Seerah. This can be done at bedtime or any other time conducive to learning. 

All the family members can sit in a circle and choose their own story to tell. This will create interest in kids to know more about Seerah. You should also encourage kids to participate in these storytelling sessions.


Inculcating Daily Habits

A great way to encourage your kids to learn about Seerah is to instill daily habits of the Prophet (PBUH) in their routines. It can revolve around the following habits.

Wake up like the Prophet

The Prophet used to get up every day before the crack of dawn for  Tahajud prayer and would do Dua and Zikr. He would then go to the mosque for the Fajr prayer to worship Allah through Salat. 

Get the whole family to wake up early every day to say the prayer in time and encourage them to do  Zikr and recite Quran like the Prophet did.

Eat like him

Please talk with your kid about table manners when you are having meals and remind him of how Prophet ate. For example, he recommended Muslims eat so that after eating, the stomach is only one-third full. 

Washing hands before eating, saying “Bismillah” at the start, and eating with the right hand are only a few Sunnahs of eating. You can have one weekly dinner where you cook  Prophet’s favorite food and tell the kids about it.

Sleep like him

The Prophet used to sleep uniquely on his right side with his right hand under his cheek. He would also make Wudu before going to bed and recite a few short portions of the Quran to get protection from Allah. 

You can ask your kids to sleep like him as a token of love and make them memorize the Duas. 

Designing Weekly Activities

You can plan and organize weekly activities for the whole family to learn about Seerah. 

Let everyone sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and write down a unique Sunnah of the Prophet that he knows. You can also talk about his life, family, and companions. Learn a hadees every week and explain it to kids.

Reading And Coloring Books

Encouraging your children to read books about  Seerah should be a regular practice. You can get children’s books about his life and read those to your kids. Read and learn together. 

Another way is to get exclusively designed coloring books about Prophet PBUH that will encourage your child to know more. These books contain creatively designed pages showing incredible facts about our Rasoolullah. 

Kids can have fun learning by coloring the pictures and bubble text. They can also write answers to questions as they know more about the Prophet PBUH. You can download and print numerous PDF coloring books from here.

 Watching Cartoons and Videos

The Internet is an excellent source of education nowadays. Plenty of animated cartoons and videos are available online on youtube and other apps for Muslim kids to learn about seerah. A few of these are Abdul Bari, Umer & Hannah, and Ghulam Rasool. Make this memorable for your kids by watching them together and performing relevant activities.

Start practicing these measures to instill the love for the blessed Prophet in our kids while inspiring them to follow his Seerah in everyday life.